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Channeling my Inner Binny

There were lonnng lines at the supermarket today. As I waited patiently, the cashier began conversing with the customer she was ringing up. More than just polite conversation, a real nice and long lengthy conversation. A conversation between friends. Which while very sweet, meant that it was taking her way longer than it should have to ring up the woman’s groceries. And there was a whole line of people waiting in line. The guy in front of me didn’t seem bothered by this whole thing. But me, I wanted to open up my mouth and very matter-of-factly explain to the cashier that her sweet conversation was really inconveniencing all the other customers in line, and well, could she please hurry things up. And then I thought of Binny. Binny would never, not in a 100 years ever, say something like that to anyone. The thought would never even cross his mind in the first place. So I took a chocolate bar from the rack always so conveniently placed by the cashier so that people like me can eat them while we wait in line. I munched and tried to practice my patience. Halfway through my chocolate bar, the cashier’s conversation was still going. And going. And I really really wanted to just say something to her. In my head, I thought of 10 different ways I could tell her that her chat was not really very considerate of all of us waiting in line. Then I thought of Binny. And I thought about what I would feel like if I were the one sitting in the cashier’s seat. These short interactions with customers would probably be the highlight of my day. Especially on beautiful days like today when it must be so frustrating to be sitting indoors when there is so much sunshine and beauty only a few skips away, out those electric doors. Who am I to deprive a nice lady of her happiness? But this conversation wasn’t ending, and patience is something that does not come naturally to me. By some miracle, i managed to keep my mouth closed and in a few minutes (that seemed like an eternity to me as I waged an inner battle with myself), it was my turn in line and the cashier was just as sweet to me as she had been to the people in line before me. And again, my inner evil wanted to make some quip about how long I had been waiting in line. But I didn’t. I thought to myself how lucky and blessed I am to be married to a man who inspires me to be a better person at the supermarket and everyday of our lives together. I couldn’t ask for a greater gift or for a more perfect partner in life.

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