Cultivating Empathy

There are many values and traits that I hope to teach Eden through my actions. At this stage, Eden seems to be both a parrot and a sponge in equal parts. She loves repeating what we say- I think she is reviewing sentence structures and new words in head (yes, I think my child is a genius)- and she just seems to absorb everything so quickly, remembering tiny details from her books and from our daily routine that I barely notice. We work on things like sharing and patience and taking turns. I also try to emphasize the importance of caring for others, and looking out for their needs. I don’t think it’s been a conscious effort (there are probably a gazillion and one books I could/should read on the topic), but something that is just part of everyday life here in our little home. And it is awe-inspiring how little 2 year old Eden already seems like the most empathetic and caring person- I think she takes after her dad.

Last week we saw a man cutting down parts of a tree and I told Eden that it was a little bit sad, but it was okay because the tree would grow new branches. She repeated this line to me several times a day everyday for the following week until it became a household joke- “the man is cutting down the tree. It’s very sad.” “Yes, Eden it’s very sad, but it’s ok because the tree will grow back.” Yesterday when she saw her friend get hurt, she ran to get him his pacifier and gave him a big hug. Today she held her dolls tight and told them over and over (and over and over and over and over) again that “it’s okay.” She seems so attuned to my own feelings and comes to give me hugs when she sees that I am a bit sad. How amazing are these little people? How am I so blessed to have such an empathetic and bright little girl? At some point everyday I just find myself staring at her in wonder, trying to grasp the reality that she is actually mine. That she grew inside my body and that I gave birth to her a little over 2 years ago. And it is the most awesome thing in my universe.

And since I forgot to post them before, a few pictures of my superstar from her birthday party (Eden is still singing happy birthday to herself on a daily basis)
IMG_7098 Really want that scratch on her nose to heal already!! Any tips on how to get toddlers not to pick scabs?? We’ve tried absolutely everything!
And this is the birthday cake that Eden I baked together for her party! My first-ever attempt at anything Martha Stewart.


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