Destination: Vietnam+Cambodia

We love third world countries, but were cognizant that traveling to the poorest country in the world that has bad roads and no medical system in place was probably not the best of ideas. Usually, at the end of each of our trips, an idea for a new destination pops into my head. And that’s where we usually end up going. On our way home from Morocco, I started dreaming about Vietnam and Cambodia. We thought about Laos, but after speaking to friends that have been, decided to stick with Vietnam, which is more developed and touristy, with a quick trip to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat in the last week of the trip. So we booked tickets! Next step: planning our trip.
Some Morocco highlights (I was 3 months pregnant!)- and yes, I know this post is call destination: Vietnam/Cambodia ;)
IMG_2128 Summitting the highest peak in northern Africa in the Atlas Mountains. 4167m!
IMG_2169 Full disclosure: we couldn’t walk for the next 2 days.. But it was totally worth it.
The souks of Marrakech

Djeema el-fina.IMG_2272 See the stork on top of the minaret?


View from our hotel room in Essouira. And my favorite picture from the trip. One of the best parts of Morocoo for me was the colors. The vibrant reds and yellows in the markets seemed to have lives all of their own. The color of Essouria was blue- both calming and confidently strong at the same time. A statement of passion, but a controlled and determined one. Blue.




    Alexandra, we visited Luang Prabang, Laos and had a wonderful, relaxing time. It’s a bit out of the way, but if you can make it, you won’t be disappointed. We wrote a few posts if you want to read a bit about it.

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