Things that I am grateful for this winter:

  • washing machines
  • hot water bottles that Binny puts under my sheets 5 minutes before I crawl under the covers
  • Eden’s sweet, sweet smile when she wakes up in the morning
  • fresh bread from Teller Bakery
  • flowers
  • flannel sheets (specifically these ones that are currently on my bed. Best birthday present ever from our parents!)
  • sunshine
  • love
  • strangers on the street who are smiling for no apparent reason
  • emotionally heartfelt blogs that heighten my appreciation for life (and make me cry)
  • dog owners who stop mid-walk so that Eden and I can “ooh” and “ah” over how cute the dog is
  • just the knowledge that theoretically, I could hop on a plane at almost any given moment to escape the cold

What are you grateful for?
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