Having a baby changed me. I think the biggest physical manifestation of this change (well, aside from the huge stomach and the actual baby) was my decision to chop off my hair a few months after Eden was born.

I went from this:
longhairIMG_3244 (In this pic: Eden and the ocean did not experience love at first sight. She has since acquired her mama’s love of all things water)DSC_0258DSC_0160
To this:
At the time, it was kind of a relief. My hair was all post-partum and falling out all over the place anyways and it was annoying to clean up. And it was really heavy. I remember sitting in the salon chair post-chop and thinking that my whole neck felt lighter, like it didn’t have to work as hard. It was easier to manage and wash, which all seemed great at the time since my life had been taken over by nursing, laundry and figuring out how to get Eden to stop crying. With all of the new-ness and figuring things out from scratch that I was going through, my hair seemed like one less thing to worry about. I remember saying things like “Everyone should try this at one point in their lives.” And I got lots of compliments. How great it looked. How brave I am. But now that I feel like I kind of have the taking-care-of-baby thing figured out (on most days), I kind of miss my hair. I would be so curious to hear about changes other women made post-partum to their physical appearance. The upside of this whole thing: hair grows back!


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