Happy Weekend!

Things I love: flowers and when Binny makes me breakfast on Friday morning. And this weekend included both of those! Flowers during the winter in Israel are definitely that one thing that brightens up the winter for me and keeps me happy. Daffodils, ranunculuses and anemones are my top three favorites. So I am a very happy camper this week with both anemones and daffs on my kitchen table.

The weather this weekend was almost summery! It was warm enough to strip off those wintery tights and leggings. Except when I looked down at my legs, I realized there was no way I could go outside sans tights before a visit to the waxing salon. Eek. But I mean, really, who waxes/shaves their legs in the winter, anyway? Right?! And with a rainy week coming up it looks like my legs are going to keep their au naturale look for a bit longer… That’s going to stay a secret between me and my opaquest tights. Happy weekend!


One comment

  1. sara

    so artistic! lucky lady- although if i had my choice of breakfasts, i would want a big fatty pancake with ice cream- not you healthy veggies and eggs!

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