Election Day

Election days in Israel are vacation days. Which is a really big deal because we don’t have Sundays in this country. There is no scheduled day for doing nothing and just relaxing with family. A day like this only rolls around every few years so we definitely wanted to take advantage. We spent the day hiking with my brothers (we missed you Dani!) in Nachal Tzuf. The weather was beyond stunning. And Eden was in an incredibly happy mood. And it was just a perfect worry-free and happy day. Those are the best kind to spend with some of my favorite people. For those readers who are not part of the Eden Fan Club, please excuse the slightly obnoxious quantity of pictures here. By the end of the day, I think even Eden was a bit sick of the camera.
IMG_6989election3IMG_7056IMG_6976IMG_7040An attempt at a family shot.
election2Ever since Thailand, Eden loves giving us back massages. For real. And she’s good!
IMG_6939And of course, we ended the day by giving Eden her first lesson in democracy.IMG_7071The clerks at the voting station were in love with Eden. When I gave them the camera, they took almost as many pictures in the 2 minutes it took me to vote as I did on our entire hike. I guess most voters just weren’t as cute as Eden is.



  1. Sara Ehrlich

    Cute pics- glad you enjoyed your official day off! What is on edens nose? How are u losing weight while being home all day???

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. alexandrafl

    Eden fell about 3 weeks ago and scratched her nose- and it wont heal because she keeps scratching it. Really hoping it’s not going to scar… ANd the weight loss must be from all the ice cream I ate this week while writing my paper!

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