The Right Path

Words of wisdom and comfort from Binny: We are always working on different things, but we both know that we are on the right path; we’re headed in the right direction.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. And I feel under-qualified or not competent enough. Especially when it comes to parenting. I still remember that terrified feeling of walking out of the hospital with a newborn baby in my arms, waiting for someone to stop me and say “Wait! You can’t take that baby home! You have no idea how to care for a newborn!”. But somehow we figured it out.

There are LOTS of imperfect and seemingly disasterous moments along the way. When I look at Eden, though, I see a gloriously happy, thriving and radiant child. I don’t see any of the mistakes. Because it is overwhelmed by the love. And the happiness that she brings to my life.

In parenting, and in every part of life, knowing that I am trying my best and that I am headed in the right direction helps me feel better about all the mistakes along the way. I learn from the mistakes and keep moving forward.

I am on the right path.
right path


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