The Icebox.

This post is dedicated to Sara, my freezing friend across the ocean.

Signs that the apartment you live in resembles an icebox:

  1. The toothpaste seems to have frozen inside of the tube.
  2. You go online to buy uber-warm winter socks. When the livechat representative tells you that the ’40 below’ socks are meant for those winter football games, you think ‘or sitting in my apartment.’
  3. When it is finally 50 degrees outside, you open all the windows in your apartment because it’s warmer outdoors than indoors.
  4. When you sit on your living room couch, you feel a distinct breeze. If the blowing air wasn’t so frigid, you might be able to imagine yourself sitting by the sea.
  5. You wear a ski hat. Indoors. All the time.
  6. You want to stay under your warm flannel sheets. All. Day.

Based on a true story.
Oh, summer, I was only joking when I said I couldn’t wait for you to end!

Some sunny pictures to keep you warm. Inspired by Eden’s latest favorite song. And mine, too. Who wouldn’t melt hearing an almost-2-year-old singing “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happpeeeeee….”? I’m melting as I type this just from the thought. Oh my Eden.

Image via Two Peas in a Bucket
Image via Wonderful Joy Ahead
Image via Etsy


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