At the Park.

The sun has returned! There is a park across the street from Eden’s daycare. On most sunny days we stop by there to play.IMG-20130102-00426IMG-20130102-00423IMG-20130102-00427
On the way home today, we saw a little girl fall off a wall she had climbed up. She ran crying to her mom who said “This is what happens when you try to act like a boy.” I almost cried. I wanted to run over to the little girl and tell her that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. That the world is her playground. In 2013, there are still moms out there feeding their daughters the poisonous message that they can’t do certain things because they are girls. And if they do, they will get hurt. I didn’t say anything to the little girl, or to her mom (although maybe I should have). What I did to was reaffirm my commitment to myself to create and open up as many doors and possibilities for Eden as I humanly can. And maybe when she is my age, no one will say silly things like that anymore.
A few minutes later we passed by this graffiti. IMG-20130104-00469


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