Rough Day

Eden is nearly 2 and I am still struggling with the fact that her daycare schedule controls my life. Daycare ended early today thanks to predictions of snow (there is still no snow on the ground). Which meant that I could not go to school. And when I put on one too many movies for Eden to watch I just feel like I’m being a bad mom and I’m not in school= failing on all ends. And then there are the friends who remind me that I’m doing the best I can. Thanks you girls.

Other not-so-great moments of today: accidentally pouring scalding hot water on my hand (it still hurts). And shattering a bowl with lasagna in it all over the kitchen floor.

But there were great moments, too. Reading lots of books in bed with Eden. Kitchen dance parties. Visits from friends. And standing out on the porch to admire the stunning sky and to offer up a little prayer for the SNOW they have been predicting all week. In all honesty, though, i kind of just want the sun to back. We haven’t seen him all week!
photo (4)photo (1)
photo (2)


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