Rain Rain

Outside: Rain, hail, lots of wind, freezing.
Inside: I am sitting in bed, under my flannel sheets with a hot water bottle and a box of Raisinets that I hid away in the kitchen for a day just like this one (you can’t get them in Israel; my sister sent them to me from the US), wearing a warm turtleneck and hat. And trying to ignore the fact that in 1/2 an hour I need to venture outside into the cold rain. Israel has a chronic water shortage, so when it rains here, Israelis talk about how wonderful it is. Except I don’t really like the rain. Kind of the same way I don’t like tea or hot drinks. I really wish I did like them. Really. I especially wish I liked tea on rainy days like today. And I’ve made an effort to embrace the rain and develop a love for cups of tea. But it hasn’t made a difference.

One of my best memories of rainy days is when Binny and I were in Beijing a few years ago. We got onto the subway to visit the Olympic Stadium and when we got to the station, we could barely exit the subway car because there was such a large backup of human traffic. It had started pouring while we were underground and no one wanted to go outside. We pushed our way through and managed to exit the subway. At the exit, there was a woman selling ponchos. We bought a couple and ran out into the rain laughing. And here we are, with the Bird’s Nest Stadium behind us, laughing in the rain. I guess I do like the rain, sometimes.
Frayda 314
Frayda 316


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