Happy Weekend!

In Israel, Sundays are workdays and Fridays take the place of Sundays. In my 10 years of living here, I think this is the one big thing that I have still not adjusted to. I really miss Sundays and Fridays just don’t seem to do the trick.

But this Friday was especially glorious and sunny. Which means that Israelis do laundry and hang out their undies, in all their glory, for the whole world to see. Because sunny winter days are not something to be taken for granted.IMG-20130104-00450 Most Israelis don’t own dryers since it is sunny and hot for the majority of the year, so it’s pretty common to see laundry hanging on every porch and roof. But these beauties had me laughing. I love that this is considered such a normal sight in Jerusalem. IMG-20130104-00457
IMG-20130104-00456 Friday is the only day that Binny and I get to pick up Eden together from daycare. We took advantage of the sun and walked there, skipping like little kids. Eden was pretty excited to see us and we had a fun time walking home together as a family.IMG-20130104-00465
We have lots of friends coming over this weekend. One couple is leaving to San Diego for 5 years for the husband to do a post-doc, so seeing them will be bittersweet. Laughing with friends is our favorite way to unwind after a long week. It’s been tough coming back to real life after 3 weeks of vacation, so this weekend is exactly what we need.

Happy weekend!


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