Playing Hooky

In the week that we have been home, Eden has been oversleeping nearly every day. Which is quite incredible, considering that this same girl used to wake up at 5am everyday. She has also been having a hard time adjusting back to daycare. Who can blame her? Of course she’d rather spend 24/7 with her mom and dad and be the center of attention. So today, when she woke up at 10am, I just decided to let her play hooky and we spent the day together hanging out. Our big outing: the supermarket where Eden picked out one of her favorite things (and mine, too), chocolate milk. She tried to open it the whole way home.
Having Eden at home for the day meant that I did not really get anything done. Nearly 2 years later, I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of being productive when she’s around. I think it’s because it’s way more fun to just cuddle in bed and read books all day. Our latest favorite is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
Growing up, my mom had annual ‘mental health days’ with us. We got to pick one day a year where we skipped school and spent the day together doing whatever we wanted. I always thought that this is something I wanted to do with my own children and I can now say that I have officially started!


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