Dreaming of a Trip

Before Eden was born, me and Binny traveled a bunch. Our annual trips were highlights for me, something to look forward to in the routine of everyday. We backpacked on a tight budget and some of our greatest pre-baby memories and stories took place on our trips. Our last trip was to Morocco when I was 3 months pregnant. Before we told anyone our exciting news, we ran away for a 2 week getaway. And then Eden was born. In the months following Eden’s birth, getting out of the apartment to buy milk seemed like mission impossible, let alone an extended trip to a foreign country. In the first year of Eden’s life we traveled and hiked within Israel. Following her first birthday, we did a short trip to Malta (a tiny European country south of Italy that I had never heard of before we booked our tickets there!) where we took real suitcases (not backpacks) and stayed in one hotel the entire time. And it was super. That trip planted the seeds for dreams of a bigger one…

Some pictures from our Malta trip!


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